Always Provide context for your metrics
July 1, 2019
3 Measurement Resolutions to Improve Marketing in 2020
July 3, 2019

Learn and adapt on the fly

Marketers have to spend a lot of time in preparing and refining different marketing campaigns. Undeniably for that, you must also have a smart measurement plan, which will no doubt help you in outlining your targets, KPIs and segments. Getting a good feeling about this?
Customarily the next step should be to run the campaign before waiting till the end to figure out exactly what happened.

This is your big mistake. In this era of digital marketing campaigns, which throws so much data from the very beginning, the room for improvement increases. In fact, the television and printing campaigns help too, which means the minute you launch your campaign, you can start learning about your mistakes and then improvise accordingly.

Promise to yourself at the starting of this new decade that you won’t waste your time waiting. If you don’t change your targeting, ad creative and based on the lessons from your early 30% of spend, you’re missing the boat. Actually no, you could be missing out on an entire ocean, because you weren’t aware enough.

In the beginning, building processes, as well as teams that are swift enough to learn and adapt on the go, can be very hard. But do not lose hope, because eventually, they will have a huge influence on the profitability brought by your marketing strategy.

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